Social Chests?

Any one mind helping me get these and more white whales?


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After reading up on this, seems like if you reach memory sequence ten the social chests and white whales appear. I am not that far into the game so I've see neither of them yet. Seems to be connected to who's on your friends list though. idk

I've got a couple of social chests so far and I'm still on sequence 2. Not really sure what they are all about yet though. Wonder when we will get a wiki for AC4.

From the official guide it says social chests just contain more money and lead to bigger rewards. So yea basically anyone on your friends list who plays AC4 shares in the loot from them apparently.

Can some people add me.  I'm a die hard AC fan and I am trying to get a decent sized gang to increase my odds of getting some of these social events.  Wanna find that while whale and some royal convoys.

Halfway through the game now want to get me a whale or two then form a group on multiplayer

So I just randomly found a royal convoy at coordinates (125,625).  I was sailing around trying to find some metal to upgrade my ship, and I used the telescope to zoom in on a potential target and once i looked at this specific ship, the game notified me that it was indeed a royal convoy and the symbol was blue.  I think it was a frigate and it was worth 10000R.  I havent found any social chests or white whales though....

I'm pretty sure I dont have any friends that have this game.  If anyone wants to add me its xxEngiNerdxx

If I find anything else, I'll post it here