Sociable Friends?

Hi everyone Jonathan Jock here aka Reaper aka Jock. I'm looking for some new friends on XBOX Live. If you are interested send me a friend request but only if you plan on playing games with me or just chatting and getting to know each other on party chat. I wrote a post before but almost everyone that added me didn't talk or didn't play anything with me I want to use XBL for what it's for socialization and video game playing. Some of the multiplayer games I have are Borderlands, Halo 3, BFBC2, and MW2. I also pre-ordered BF3 and MW3. I also plan on buying Dead Island and COD:Black Ops so I'm looking for people that would like to play these games regularly or just chat it up while we are playing opposite games. Only thing I ask is no kids or annoying people and no spamming me with clan membership messages I will not join a clan I have my own gaming club I started Gamers Of Anarchy. That is all send me a friend request gamertag PresidentReaper.



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i have cod black ops dead island and gears 3 , i have mw3 pre-ordered too

I Play Dead Island, Gears 1, Peggle, CoD and Battle field: Bad company 2. I mostly Play Dead Island, Oblivion and New Vegas though.