So who thinks there will be a New Weapon with the next DLC

just a little thought i had. 

Think about it with every new CoD game they have always done something different with each of the DLC's, with WaW it was Zombie Mode, with BO1 they added traps and new weapons to the zombie mode such as the wunderwaffe, in MW2 they added Special Ops, In MW3 they added Face Off Mode 1v1 2v2 and 3v3 and Chaos Mode, and in BO2 they added perma perks, and buildables to the zombies mode and with the first DLC they added a new weapon THE PEACEKEEPER.

Like i said but just a thought WHAT IF???? they added a new weapon to Multiplayer and possibly Zombies with each new download.

They already did a SMG/AR hybrid, what if next they did a AR/Sniper Hybrid where it would include iron sights and 2 hit kills with 1 hit headshots, then maybe they could add a new shotgun possibly something semi automatic or with slugs like the KSG,  lastly i think they should add an old lever action rifle similar to the model 1776 from MW3 but instead of a shotgun make it an AR

Just wondering what you guys think they will do with the remaining 3 DLC's? keep up with the trend of weapon dlc or switch it up completely and blow our minds


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I thought I read about a new one coming. But, thinking back it may have been some rumor, otherwise I suppose we would know something more definite.

i saw a post about the next DLC and someone had a Pic. of a poster from gamestop but im 99% sure it was photoshopped and 100% fake

Im not saying that there not adding a new weapon with the Dlc just not the one they had on the poster on that forum, pretty sure that poster was fake

I don't think they'd set a precedent of adding something more than just the maps and not continue it. Expect a weapon with the announcement of the next DLC, just common sense is all.

that was my thought as well but what kind of weapons do you think they will add if they do intend to follow suit

Since the Peacekeeper was an SMG/AR mix I'd imagine with the last 3 map packs they will include a SG, LMG and Sniper to cover all of their bases. But they'll probably skip out on one of those categories and make another AR for people.

Peacekeeper acts more like an SMG than an AR. I think an AR will be next.

Peacekeeper is SMG and AR. It has the light weight and firerate of an SMG, but its range is more like an AR. I seem to be the only person that likes it. It's pretty much my favorite gun in the game.

Hopefully a new sniper!

^^Ummm, NO. JMHO.

I'd be looking for a new LMG of sorts. Snipers are fine and shotguns...well I doubt it'll make people leave the Remington.

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