So who else has done it?

Has anybody else completed Horde on Insane without failing a wave and how long did it take? I did it in 22 minutes with four other friends

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I mean beast mode^^^^^

Yea right. 22 minutes huh? Did you use any mutators?

I am sorry, i meant beast mode

^^^^^^Oh I see.

We finished Insane Beast mode in 45min last night. It was my first time ever playing it so I didn't know wtf to do.

Not on Insane yet, though it's on my list of things to do in the future.

Beat Insane on Beast Mode in 16 minutes on Checkout with NO mutators.

It took us around 22 minutes as well.

what is a mutator

[quote user="TIGERLION1"]

what is a mutator


It is an option that changes the rules of the game, to make it simple to understand.


Somechanges are cosmetic, like Bighead mode, some changes affect gameplay, like giving Unlimited Ammo, etc. They require being unlocked in Gears of War 3 as far as I know.


Made most famous in Unreal Tournament, a trademark of Epics if you will, they add some variety and spice to multiplayer if implemented right, and in general can just be damn outright fun.


I'm sure googling Unreal Tournament Mutators or Gears of War 3 Mutators will give you a much better explanation and idea of what they are than I could probably explain however. But you should get the idea. :)

i was gonna say there's no way you did horde in 22 minutes. 50 waves with 20-30 countdown between waves along is more than 22 minutes.