So where are the real KI forums?

We all know that these forums are in dire need of an upgrade, there are many things missing from these that would prohibit this from becoming the main forums. Does anyone know where the new forums will actually end up being? Will it be the KI Reddit, or with IG open their own forums?


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There are none yet.

What do you feel is missing from these forums?

A way to tag and quote. Signatures :'( please......

[quote user="TheMikeRobles"]What do you feel is missing from these forums?[/quote]

^I had to do mutl-step process just to quote this, involving cutting and pasting, multiple tabs open in firefox, and editing. Imagine if I had to quote 5 people. Not worth it. As I said below, not conducive to conversation.

This style of forum isn't conducive to a conversation style. It comes off as a forum that only wants input for the OP so a dev can just note issues but not engaging members to other members. It lacks speed(as sometimes it takes minutes to load a page), a better forum format like vbulletin, a way to quote/multi-quote. It also needs a way to view all unread posts since your last visit. I can do unread once I drill down to the sub-forum but no way to do it globally. I shouldn't have to keep all sub-forums bookmarked so i can get to the bottom just to view unread entries. There needs to be some type of karma system, to weed out trollers and promote good posting. There should be a way to tag forum members so you can alert them to a related post they might be interested in.

It's disorganized in it's forum structure. There is no flow. Every time I click a link I feel like I'm going to a completely separate web page that has nWhen you land on the Killer instinct page here:

if you go into general discussion it says killer instinct again but I'm already in killer instinct section.

This is just off the top of my head. I can go into more detail after work if you want.

There isn't a "Real KI Forum"... yet. From what I was told, they're trying to set something up with IG and MS. If they plan to use this, it needs to be user friendly. Navigating is troublesome too.

I'm sure they're finding ways to make this look much more like your standard message board. I hope.

Pretty much what KRS ON3 said. There's many features missing, from simple quoting, to post rating, to tagging someone in a post. The xbox forums in general look like they were only made because MS needed a way to communicate with people online for support. Basically, it needs to be user friendly, and it's not at the current state

I hate not having a place to check every day...

Probably heard wrong, but I thought DH would still have a small section for KI. Idk...

@KRS 0N3: As a regular to these forums, I'll be the 1st to tell you that nobody of an official capacity (outside of the out-sourced moderators) actually views these forums, especially developers. If you want actual feedback from someone important, you'll have to take your posts to either the support forums or the feedback forums.

@Galactic TheMikeRobles who asked the question is a person of official capacity. From what I gather is taking over as the guy for the community like FilthieRich. He has said on here or twitter that he is working to change the forum for KI. Which is why I responded as I did. So my response isn't falling on deaf ears.

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