so whats with all the dud players all of a sudden?

i see the new forums have pretty much done what the new main menus on the console, and pretty much spawned a lot of hate.. granted the forums are easier to ignore than the clutter fest that is my console dashboard when logged into live.

but to the point.

What is with the mass load of worthless players in H3 all of a sudden? and i don't mean new players, i mean older players just standing around hopping in place, or getting show so they can suicide and give the other team points?!

6 games this morning alone, and at least 10 people are now on my avoid list for this BS..


for those on the team without'em, don't shoot'em.

don't give them the pleasure of ruining the game.


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also entertaining is i can't edit my own post to correct missing words and spelling...


Just to let you know, avoiding players via the rep system really just does nothing lol.

What playlist were you playing?

I was doing BTB a couple of weeks ago but didn't have many idiots on my team, the occasional teamkillers but that's about it.

Team Slayer mostly.

and yeah i know doing it doesn't do much, but it does put a mark on their profile, and lets me keep track of'em should i come across the moron again.

if its a mod, than its illegal for game use.

and spelling/english like mine, well... oh well.

the insinuation it may have been me, as i'm reading you, is off.

probably due to the fact though that they were only on my team maybe twice, and they were the SAME people half the time.



I didn't imply it was you, but you're free to feel the suspicion if you want. I don't really care whether it's a mod and therefore not permitted, because it's an almost entirely harmless mod. If you worry too much over the small things the next thing you know we'll get guys who don't miss and can't be killed.


I would rather deal with the hopping guy on my team.


And it is a mod. I've seen it a few times now, generally in Team Snipers.

thing is, theres a reason mods are illegal in general, harmless or no, and the above is why.

first its basic stuff, then it gets worse.

i'm not complaining of it being annoying in the sense its just stupid, i'm more concerned in the fact that its wrecking the game when half your team is just standing there wasting space that could've been filled with a working player that actually shoots at the other guys.

I played a few games of H3 today, and there were A LOT of really unskilled players. I'm really not even that good at H3 and I was absolutely owning people today. I think I played like 6 or 7 Team Slayer games before work today and won all of them, my best going 33-10 when my team only had 2 people vs. 4. I found it really odd that I wasn't matched up with really one good opponent.



And then I joined and I had about five really bad games! [:D] [:P]. You did do perfectly fine during those games though, particularly since when we lost, we ALL lost pretty badly..


In all seriousness though, it was great to play with you, along with being rather odd [:P]. You'll always have a teammate if you happen to be on, however, so just let me know [:)]. I also put on a terrible performance but did eventually get better later on, thankfully...


Also, actually, I have noticed a lot of lower players semi-recently. Post-Reach's release, anyway.



And Grim, I do know that mods are not permitted, yes, but they are very rare in H3 and I can tolerate that. I have seen guys with more dangerous mods in two games. TWO out of NINE AND A HALF THOUSAND. I've seen the hopping guys maybe ten games? I didn't have a problem with that even when they were on my team playing Team Snipers at a skill of 45, because they could just as easily have been on the other team. It's just luck AND it's exceptionally rare, so I don't worry about it.


My point is that there really is no need to worry over such a small thing as this. If it happens to you 8.5/10 times, say, hey, I'll stop trying to explain my point. That would be fair enough. As it is, however, it is rare enough to the point where I think you can ignore it.

Anyone who has played Halo 3 since the beginning will know that there has always been people who have used mods such as aimbots and various others, and the Banhammer has done its job - with the help of a little human intervention. Bungie no longer adds double-exp weekends - sort of giving the impression it really doesn't care about Halo 3 anymore.


The only actual mods I've seen since Reach came out are the connection hacks or 'Lag-Switches' and also a few harmless infections in Forge. The real problem now is people simply don't care! People no longer play their best in a ranked game or any game for that matter. People don't care about the exp penalty for quiting or being AFK.


The amount of AFK's and quitters has reached critical levels now, and you can't afford to avoid too many people as there aren't many others to play. I don't mind having inexperienced players on my team in social games, they're just having fun, what really gets me is people who are generals de-ranking me in Team Slayer.


Halo 3 got back to over 1 million players around September 1st - 20th then declined as lots of people moved to reach, declined to about 10,000! almost flatlining with the most disgraceful number of people in a playlist without a global or regional networking problem affecting players.


Team Mythic, February 2011 -                                                                               48 Players . . .



'Nough Said.

I am noticing this too. Tons of quiters/AFKers. Those who do stay are generally downright BAD. Normally when playing halo 3 you will get some bad players, some awsome. But most of the time the MM system would put me against equally or +/- a bit skilled  people. Now it seems like everyone is just signifigantly worse then me. Now either my skills have grown a lot (highly doubtfull). Or there are a ton of seriously bad people playing halo 3 now.


Could it possibly be because the game is now ten dollars?

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