So this game is like Christmas Morning...

Have you ever been so excited for a game to come out before? If so what game?

Honestly imo, i've never been more excited for a game to come in my entire life. GTA5 hits that note and i'm constantly counting down the days until this game is released. Until then i've been trying to preoccupy myself with activities that will make the day go faster, watching movies, playing new video games that I havent played before just to get to sept 17.

Sounds pathetic right? I just want to sell virtual drugs and rob a virtual bank already. ;_;


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halo games always have that effect on me...though i can get super obsessed about whatever the next big thing is, where i just have to absorb anything and everything about it. excited about gta 5 and looking forward to the 17th, but i'm not quite at that 8 year old christmas morning feeling...strange also since this'll most likely be the last brand new title i buy this generation..

The only game I wanted that I absolutely could not wait for was Godzilla Save The Earth for the xbox. I'm a huge Godzilla fan, and when this game was announced I never been more happier in my life. Then when it came out, turned into the best day ever of my life :P

Yep, this will be like Christmas morning for me.... I don't get excited for games that much anymore but GTA IV and now GTA V are on the top of my list... Thankfully I'm already off during that week, otherwise I'd have to use vacation. :)

Dude, I am right there with you. believe me. I am so insanely excited about this game, it's borderline unhealthy. (Actually, it's proabably already in the unhealthy zone to be honest, but it feels too good to tell if my body is failing.) I always thought that as you get older, that child like feeling of christmas would slowly fade away until you found yourself blandly "looking forward" to something that interested you, but not really getting your hopes up too much. At least not enough for anyone to take notice or even really notice yourself. But I'm realizing now as i sit here nearly filling my pants with every fact I learn about GTA V, and I'm realizing that's really not the case. At least not  for me!

     I remember when GTA 3 came out on PS2, I was very excited, and looked foreward to that for at least 4 months before it was released. Then came Vice City, Where i was somehow even more excited! Then, San Andreas, GTA IV, Basically anything with the Rockstar Name on it! I learned quickly that R* was my favorite developer, and i've been a huge fan ever since the top down shooter of GTA on PC. and now this... GTA V. I am older that I ever was, and 50x more amped than I have ever been about any other game on the planet!

     I used to lie in bed before falling asleep and try to imagine... "What would be the perfect game? Or at least what would I create? What would I find exciting and fun? What would intrigue me? Make me laugh? Never become tedious or boring? would never cease to amaze? Well I think my dreams have become a reality. And that reality will reveal itself in my living room on September 17th.

    Thank you Rockstar. You have made this Gamer very, very happy.

    (Oh and no you dont sound pathetic... LMAO)

I spend my time playing Payday 2 doing heists is fun and it kills time as most missions take a min of 15mins, though you can do some missions in like 34 seconds if you got the right team to do the job.


King Budda use your vacation time for October 1 get some MP time in!

I'm gitty

GTA San Andreas and battlefield 3 were the last two games i was really excited waiting for a release.GTA5 is taking the cake tho.The GTA Online reveal has actually added to the agony even though i can't get enough watching it.=P

Oh man, very true. When the GTA Online came out it was way more than I had expected and made me freak out on how much longer I had to wait for this game.

27 more days to go...

I gotta say I'm bursting in anticipation. I was getting sick of the non news for months and months but finally it's nearing. I think I'm booking off work for a week just to deal with this.

Yeah I thought about that since I will be working nights that week and won't be able to play until that Friday.... But I've also got to save time for November... ;)

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