So there was a plant on my Zombie team. Hack or feature?

I'm not going to name his gamertag, because I know we can't -and- I have no clue if this is part of the game (Like the Spectre Camo in Titanfall). Anyway there was a Cacti on my Zombie team.

There's this one guy who's infamous for hanging back and racking-up a huge killstreak (Because he stays away from the action).  So whenever I see him in my games, I like to hang back and mess up his streaks. :p 

So I saw him. . .As a Cacti.  So I begin shooting him -NOTHING happens.  I'm like "WTF is going on!? Why can't I hurt him and why is he ignoring me!?"  It was like he was in a completely different game! So I check the scoreboard -He's not on the Plants team!?  Where is he. . .There's his username. . .On OUR team?  THE ZOMBIE'S TEAM! 

And he didn't just LOOK like a Cacti. He was deploying Garlic Drones, Tallnut Shields, and Potato Mines.  I can't believe this is a feature because he's only rank 19 and I'm rank 95. Surely if it was a feature, I would have unlocked this feature before him? Or could he have been THAT lucky?

So anyone else see this?  Hack or Feature?


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That just a glitch can happen sometime on XOne and X360 its not a feature or a hack. It happen to me once.

Same thing happened yesterday in a match!

I was on zombies side, just conquered a garden and i saw this peashooter among us.

Start shooting him but nothing happened!

A mate saw the battle and came helping me: two guys sprying bullets toward a plant and it was standing still, no damage was taken.

After 10 second or so i gave up and kept playing normally.

Don't know what the fake plant did from that point, but i think gamer was as surprised as me (seemed not intentional).

This isn't either of those listed, it is a Glitch/Exploit. I know how to do it (There is a post on it), but I am trying to use it if I can't play good as a class on one team, i.e. doing bad in GvG? Peashooter/Camo Cactus will fix it very fast. I try not to use it THAT often, and will mostly stick with my teams. Most people discover this on accident; I've found an easy way to do it. (Plus, if EA even notices, it can be patched.)