So the beta ends 5/15/11?

The beta will stop working May 15 or after. We can't play at all during that day.


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Yup Its Over. Its Ok Though Its Pretty Trash Anyways.

I don't know about you but I had alot of fun with it. I don't have Gears 2 but Gears 1 should keep me busy for a while.

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I believe the official site says it will go dark at about 2am PDT on Monday the 16th. I quite enjoyed it when it decided to work right, which was surprisingly common compared to the last two games.

I also really enjoyed the beta. I haven't been able to play this last week due to my being away on business but I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoed it.

I cant wait till 20th September

anybody who thinks Gears 3 sucked is because they want Gears 1 all over again, which will never happen

I still love Gears 1, but after playing it since the Gears 3 beta, Gears 1 is SOO bareboned in features in comparison to what Gears 3 is offering

Gears 1 also supplys you with one useful weapon at the start of the game (shotgun), while i would argue that any of the three machine guns, two shotguns, as well as the pistol are all viable weapons and can be useful

there is way more strategy in gears 3 than gears 1, knowing what the opposite team is doing, taking control of key areas of the map, choosing what weapons you should use on which map (ex. dont use lancer on checkout)

Gears 3 is exactly what Gears 2 should have been and i am very pleased with epic and i have not seen any true reasons as to why Gears 3 is not a good game

All i see is exactly what "831" said, "its trash, im being a hater, goodbye"

i dont understand why ppl still do that and dont provide sufficient evidence to back up your POVs it makes me think your IQ is even lower than i initially would project

It ends Monday at 2am PST.

I will def miss it 'till sep 20th!