So sad EA/Dice destroyed this once great series, BF

 It really saddens me how EA/Dice destroyed this game by making it more like COD just  for monetary gain. The lag compensator was bad enough, created just so Jim Bob Backwoods guy living in the boonies could play the game (hence part 1 of the monetary gain) yet it screwed up game play for those of us with stellar connections...but when suddenly the attributes and gameplay mimicked COD (part 2 of monetary gain) suddenly the game has become unplayable.

Things you can count on when starting a BF4 game....

- 80% of the players will be snipers

- 80-90% of the players will not play the objectives.

- 85-90% of the players will not play as a team (i.e. no paddles as medics, no dropping ammo when support, no repair as engineer, no SOFLAM as sniper, etc)

- 75% of the players have no idea what tactics are...probably 50% of players don't even know the meaning of the word.

- 35-45% of the players should never get in a cockpit seat of any aircraft yet they will and take that important tool off and away from those who can competently use them.

And that's just a regular game. Add hardcore to the mix and you usually run into about 30-45% of players that should never play hardcore since they are run-and-gun condition like COD does and end up team killing more players than they do the enemy. I long for the PC days of Battlefield 1 and 2.


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The way I read it is 100% of BF community is Dbag. EVERYTHING you listed is done by the community and NOT the game...........................//facepalm.

you long for the days before destruction? yeah right, in this game they give you control of lag compensation, that's a very good thing, as for all the loadout imbalances, yeah so? get acouple that work for you and get to work, snipers? what snipers? I tank snipe snipers, barely a concern, and I rarely get team killed, and even more rarely on accident, I notice a lot of fools switching teams to team kill me, so what? sore losers, back in the good ol days of pc bf there were a lot less casuals playing society at large has come to the party, staying indoors and playing games aint gonna get ya out of it no more

76% of all statistics are made up on the spot.....

leave aircraft only for the "competent players" .....really?, who cares?....aircraft are just this side of useless for objective play anyhow.....besides, how's a player supposed to get better in a digital combat situation without practice anyway?....test range doesn't offer combat practice ...adapt and overcome buddy, if half your team are dry-humping some bushes with a long range rifle, then chances are so is half the enemy team ....opportunity man

I can see a few Snipers but it seems like the majority of player Snipe only. Hanging out in the busch and not joing the battle.

I grabbed two dog tags one right after another, first time for me, guess what they were both snipping! Every game I play is tactical all the way.Aircraft are useless in this game too.

If I could just get this pos to work.  Still always crashing.  I just want to play a good game of ctf but noooo. Screw you ea and dice

Hard Core Conquest is never less than one third snipers, usually at least half.  Snipers have basically ruined Hard Core.  The maps are all set up for base to base sniping and most of the PLD users never spot targets, they just use it for spotting their own infantry targets.  While I do have fun with this game, it really is no improvement over BF3.

Aircraft? Just a fast mover to get me to the farthest flag to drop mines and begin harassing the enemy before they even cap one flag. Snipers are just easy points.

When was there a Battlefield 1? This is the best FPS on the X1 at the moment. When it works properly this game is amazing.

^^I think BF4 played great for me on the 360 from release (I havent been playing on the Xbone) but its still got a TON of problems, however small they may be.

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