so sad clans play this way...

What would you all say to a clan that did the following....

*if they are losing they rage quit

*if they cant blow up the crate with c4 they rage quit

*if they are knifed they will rage quit

they are all over the age of 25 tp 56 but sit behind locked forums on another site and talk bad about others players making themselves feel better...See this one clan seems to always leave unless there is a bunch of lvl 28 and lowers in the room they can run all over b/c they wanna boost there k/d and w/l ratio....we all like to win and def love a good k/d but i think its a little childish on there portion to have to quit on the other team mates and have them lose a game b/c things are not going their I know its not just them that does it but unless your getting spawn camped or t/ked do you all think those above are fair enough reasons to letting your team down and letting them lose players or are they just poor immature sports? I have a few friends that feel the same way I do and unfortunately are in this clan cause they are close friends with the leader and other players so when a few of my friends on the list are playing I join buddies games and so happen those others will be on the same team which then I am team killed or if on the other team they will rage quit because they do not wanna lose....sounds like a clan for alot of 13 year olds huh?


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lax, can you get on the U?  I can't seem to


got the game for 3 weeks still new  now 61 hours total so what is  aim botting and theres clans in here.when i joined a game rush my whole team are using snipers on a dessert map its a rush game we are attacking im like crap i go solo because i wanna win and turn on the mcom then 6-8 defenders kill me. this was yesterday its an objective game???someone answer my question pls??i ended out leaving i was having fun. :(

Women playing games is a real turn off. It means they are the size of a blimp. That or they are as ugly as a hobos ***.

I reiterate...clans....console clan or PC clan = lame

bunch of haughty women with water weight gain and a controller

Have fun with that. Umad cause Iright? Lmao

DICE is including team death match. sadly the CoDpiece K/D scrubs will avoid death match like they do now because if killing is the only objective, they will fail there too. CoDpiece kids will still be around and still be useless, camping a bush or the edge of the map, trying to fluff their K/D while the rest of us actually play the game type we selected.

@BKB FIre Tracer Ya I meant that COD will attract these types and will weed them out of BF3 so we can play it right.

" I hope MW3 weeds out these types of people"


No it wont, do you know what kind of game COD has become? I mean really?? If anything it will attract them like flys to a dead animal.

Ya have fun finding a good console clan that is actually a group of like minded people.  Clans on console are called actual friends in party chat which is how I role..I dont bother finding random people to group with ends up useless.  If you want real clans and committed groups then go on the PC it still seems to be the best platform for tight nit communities and serious groups of people that play well together.  The last time I was in a 'real' clan was with GRAW1 and 2 and R6V. tact shooters like that seem to weed out the children and keep the hardcore followers.  I hope MW3 weeds out these types of people so we can keep the good competent players on BF.  

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