So much for this game not being modded

First ban I've seen so far :(


During the course of our investigations, we discovered evidence of the account "Gamer Tag" offering other users modified prestige lobbies in Call of Duty: Black Ops.  The use of the modified hardware or software required to engage in this behaviour (as well as the behaviour itself) constitutes a gross violation of the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Code of Conduct, and is thus punishable with a permanent suspension from the service.


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a lot of people are offering them by message and online,it doesn`t mean they actually have any mods.

they are scams to con microsoft points or accounts from people

Yeah true but still its the first Black-op related ban I've seen so far.

I hope you are right and it was just a scam though :)

That is NOT the first BOs related ban, TA have been swinging the banhammer so much, they have arms like Thor. I will add its mostly for bad emblems or boosters, but theres been a ton of security updates.

This game probably won't turn into a hacked/modded mess until MW3 releases. Until then everyone needs to relax and play. Imo, Treyarch has done a phenomenal job of supporting Black Ops.

SPud's right.  THis game has enjoyed support/security like none I've ever player.  MW3 should take the whole play book from TA in this dept.  People who need to blame any type of hacking on losing really just have inflated egos.  Especially in a game where the devs have given you the ability to review film and see what happened after the fact.

yes just like treyarch has done a phenomenal job of not supporting world at war which is by far a better game than this..the only reason why they are supporting it is because its their latest game..mark my words as soon as treyarch release their next game this will be left to the sewer rats.

exactly right orion

They are there, you don’t  see them, and they can’t detect them but they are there, they’re called ‘Boot print on your backs.’