So much crap on screen

Honestly I don't need to see every single player on my team with an icon over their head, especially when they're behind a building or wall. I know everyone has run into that particular foe with a blue or green triangle over their head. The way I see this being resolved is by having all your teammates being shown on the mini map, but on screen only show those that are in plain view and as soon as they go around an obstacle have their icon disappear.

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100% agree with you...But they wont change it....

Yep, mentioned this in another thread.

- Team icons
- Squad icons
- Enemy icons
- Massive flag letters which get bigger when you're in the capture radius
- Continus notifications telling you've got a heal or resupply
- Ribbons
- Attachments
- Dogtags
- Ranks

It's a clusterfuck.  Far too much information.

And why do you get dead team mate icons when you're on the other side of the map with no way to revive him?

The "way too simple for Dice to ever implemented" solution is to be able to toggle the HUD dynamically on and off by mapping it to a button on the controller, like the D pad for example.

Thanks for your agreement guys.  I'll see if I could post something similar to this on battlelog to get Dice's attention.

Only ones i don't like are the gigantic flag markers blocking my view of the bf,I'm sure it was never like that in BC2.

play hc

The flags, mini map, and teammate markers are still in hardcore.

yeah, i would like to lose those, butat least its greatly reduced

I do on occasion play HC but all my friends play core so i do.

I would love to be able to disable all that ***.  Countless times I have been killed simply because I could not see past that icon stating the fact that I was taking a flag.......