So Microsoft... You Want More Kid Friendly Games and Rare Needs REAL Work...

Can I haz Viva Piñata Three now? Or Banjo Threeie? God allow you to let Rare Develope items that AREN'T avatar clothing and Kinect Sports. Honestly, I would run outside right now at 1:05 AM to my nearest gamestop and go pre-order Viva Piñata Three were it announced right now. Gen better yet, you can make it a Kinect playable game. I don't care! Just make it please.

Anyone else here want a Viva Piñata 3 or any other REAL Rare game (Conker? Banjo?)


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Donkey Kong... Oh how I miss the RARE I knew.

I'd love Viva Pinata 3. Or Kameo 2. Or Banjo-Kazooie 4. However, I'd really like to see a new platformer from them. It'd be great to see.

Viva Pinata would be the perfect game for controller/Kinect play(think Child of Eden)

Kameo was great fun

Uuuuum.. I would like a proper goldeneye for the 360.