So many achievements....

There are so many achievements in this game. I know that there are other games with more, but dang. I use to have another account on xboxlive and I had almost all of the achievements. Now I have to get them back again *groan*. The only one that I really struggle with is getting all possible endings.

How would one see all possible endings even if one has played this game over, and over, and over, and over, etc?


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there are 4 main endings to get the achievement (I don't have it yet as I've only done 2 playthroughs so far).


sacrafice yourself (kill the archdemon), have Alistair kill the archdemon, do the DR with Morrigan and lastly have the secret character* kill the archdemon (*can spoil who it is if need be..)

To see all four endings, with relative ease... I'd save at the Landsmeet in Denerim (take note of which save file that is), finish the game with one ending... then reload from the Landsmeet and repeat for the remaining three endings. Saves a lot of time, if you just want to get the achievement.

^ Thats a good point!