So is this game just flying around and beating people up? anything else?

So I remember playing the demo for Arkham Asylum, and it was a blast.  I never had the chance to play the full game, but I am thinking about picking it up shortly after the new one comes out. 


My question is... what can yo udo in the game besides fly around and beat up people?  Are there activities?  Is it all about combat?  Is there stealth?  Are there things to do to occupy time like in the GTA games?  Side (mini) games or anything like that???  Thanks!


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It has been confirmed that there will be times where you'll need to use stealth and there are side missions and collectibles too.

cool, sounds like a must buy.  I heard that game informer and IGN both gave it a perfect score.... so nuff said.  Wow.. I need to get this and Rocksmith!!!

Combat, stealth, puzzle solving, side missions, large open world, flying, gadgets, familiar characters & villians galore, great story telling, fantastic voice acting it's all there. I highly recommend playing Arkham Asylum also. It was a brilliant game and you shouldn't miss it and the Scarecrow missions were some of the most memorable I've ever played. I didn't think it could be possible, but Arkham City looks like it's going to blow it's previous outstanding game right out of the water. I cannot wait for this game to hit shelves, Tuesday can't get here soon enough. 

i absolutely loved hunting for the Riddler challenges in the first game.  

When they say open world do they mean you can interact with random people in the city?

I think "Open Roam" would be more suitable, they vowed early on to make "the most detailed open roam map", not the biggest.  This translates into more challenging Riddler Trophy hiding spots, and they've hinted that it is fruitful to "explore every nook and cranny" of Arkham City.  An Easter Egg as a foreshadowing to what's "Beyond" (pun intended), reminiscent of the one hidden in Warden Quincy Sharp's office on Arkham Island, is very possible.  

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When they say open world do they mean you can interact with random people in the city?


My bad. I got a little careless there when I said "Open World".

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Wow.. I need to get this and Rocksmith!!!

[/quote]Same here! And they both come out on the same day. What a great month for gaming.

You may interact with a few random people in the city. Side quests.

It's going to be huge. By the way I like flying around and beating up people. I tried it in real life once....Umm people can't fly!!! You can be anything you want....Thats CRAP! thanks mom.