So... Is there servers now?

I am currently in a game where no one is host. We all flip between one bar and 3 bar connections. What's going on? I've got some pics of it...


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Feel good about it cause I can't even play MP right now. Keeps giving me a communication error.

earlier today it took longer to connect to multiplayer for me,

i was stuck on connecting to xbox live screen but then it finally went

After so many years of releasing CoD, they should have done something to improve match making. Also there is a big host advantage over other players, more so noticable in MW3 than in the previous games.

But... The thing is there was no host in my game. No one at any point in the game ever had four bars. A lot of the time, we all only had one on both teams. I am perplexed.

I've run into this in HQ. I don't know how to explain it but you can usually find out who has the four bar connection when your dead in game.

An odd thing that was happening to me, it could've been entirely coincidence, but all of our connections jumped when I was shot at. It did it enough that I noticed at least. And wow. I didn't notice my grammar fail in the title.

But back on topic, are you saying that someone still is the host, even though it shows only one bar like the rest? Oh, also during this game, no one joined. Ever. It ended up being 3v3 the whole time in kill confirmed.

i lag so much, it says im on 4 bars, and all my computers connection is perfect, and i lag so much on mw3 its bad

It's just a glitch...MW3 does not use dedicated servers.