So is there a confirmed way to coop with friend?

I took a long break from DS because of all the issues it had at launch, not being able to coop, invade, etc.    So now a buddy and I are back to playing it and again are failing at summoning each other.   

I am level 39 he is 24.   Im trying to get summoned into his game.   we've tried the following.  

1.  He's in human form and he touches someone's summon sign while im at game menu.

2.  I see on his gamertag join session in progress.

3.  load my character and I tell him where im placing my marker.   refresh marker every 30 seconds he never ends up seeing it.   I'm dropping it in places where you don't normally find summon signs.

4.  we are both in the way of the white covenant.  and we both have seek guidance miracle.


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You're dropping your marker every 30 seconds? Dont do that. It takes time to show up in peoples worlds. You know when you try someone and it fails? Thats usually due to someone being impatientand moving thier sign around.

i'm  not 100% sure on this but your buddy may have to level up a little,i think you have to be within 10 levels of someone to see their summon,might be wrong,but i'm sure i seen somewhere you need to be closish level wise,try waiting for him to level up into the 30s and you may have more luck

You have to be within 10% if each others level.. so if your buddy is level 39 you need to be around 35-43 to get summoned into his world.

I have two friends who play this a lot with me.  We've gone through the entire game at least 3 times on different cycles of NG.  I'll share with you all the tricks we used, but keep in mind this is all anecdotal...nothing that is confirmed by some wiki.  But I can tell you that doing all this stuff did work much of the time.

1.  Never "spam" your sign.  Have your friend put it down, then summon.  Keep waiting until you get the "summoning failed" message.  When this happens, the sign should appear again within 20-30 seconds.  Then you hit it again.  It can take 3 or 4 tries to work.  Even though it's tempting to just put the sign down again when your friend doesn't see it, don't.  ONLY PUT IT BACK DOWN IF IT FAILS TO REAPPEAR WITHIN A MINUTE OR SO.  We used to try repeatedly putting the sign down, but this only created lengthy delays in getting your two worlds to sync up.  We simply assumed that putting the sign down again resets something in the process.

2.  Once you summon a friend once, something in the game seems to sync your two gamertags for the rest of the night.  We always find that if you can tolerate a bit of work getting the first summon to work, after that, you will be able to summon your friend in new areas almost instantly.  Sign generally appears right away, and you don't get any summon failures.

3.  Once two players sync up with a successful summon, the ease of linking also seems to carry over to different characters.  I had played a few areas with a friend who was using a tank/warrior, and then he switched, loading up his caster.  The smooth summoning continued even though he switched.

4.  There are a few areas in the game where, although it looks like you can put down a sign, they rarely, if ever, appear.  The first section of Dukes is one (the area you clear just before your first doomed fight with Seath).  We tried many, many times in this area, and signs never appear.  In the New Londo Ruins, we also noticed that if someone has not drained the ruins, signs don't seem to show up.  One night, two of us who had already drained the ruins put down signs.  The third friend, who had not, couldn't see them (and this was after we had already done a few successful summons that night).  Yet for my friend and I who had drained the ruins, we could each see one another's signs no problem.  We tested this numerous times, and the result was always the same.

5.  If you have not beaten an area, and you're trying to put down a sign for a friend, it's easier in hollow form.  The reason is, even when your sign is down, you can still get interference from attempted invasions.  Your sign will vanish, the option to drop it again will gray out, and your bonfire will become inaccessible.  There's nothing in the game stopping you from being summoned in these circumstances, but it can be trickier for the reasons I gave.

Anyway, the bottom line is, the patch did fix a lot of the old problems, and if you follow the steps above, you shouldn't have any problem playing through an entire game with friends.

Oh, and yes, we did have some success with that method where you select a friend's name from your FL, and hit join in progress (while you're on the main menu), and then loading up the game.  It isn't foolproof, but it often helped us join on nights when regular summoning didn't work as quickly as usual.

I gotta admit Basher, you know your stuff.

Weeks of trial and error, brother... and an unhealthy addiction to this frickkin' game!

Hey guys I have a huge problem with getting summoned, my friend sees my marker but almost every time it says "summoning failed"

I tried forwarding my ports and stuff but it doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong?

Ok yeah I finally get summoned and my friends router disconnected or whatever and he got logged out. Is this a problem on my end or his? he was able to co- op just fine with my other friend.... Getting sick of this

This happened with my buddy. I think the problem was that you and anotherperson was trying to summon him at the same time, because when this was happening to us sometimes it would say failed for me (the summoner) and he would go into a different guys world.

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