So I'm Seeing A New Trend Lately...

Switching Decks At Last Second Before Starting A Match As A Host? Why?


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And Making The Team In 2HG The Same Exact Deck?

I don't like how you can see the other persons deck. In real life tourney's you don't go around telling everyone what your using. Thats why you see a quick deck switch before the match starts.

Pretty simple--they see what you are playing and realize there is a better match up so they switch decks.  If I remember correctly the ability to see decks was part of the original game.  Problem is people would switch based on what they saw, people complained and then they patched the game to prevent people from knowing what others were playing.  Not much you can do about it--people play to win so will change decks to get a more favorable match up.

Oh yeah, that was the same with the launch of the previous title. I'm surprised they launched this one with the same set-up. I haven't played any vs online yet, but hopefully by the time I do, it'll be patched already!

yeah its getting really frustrating im hoping they make a patch so u cant see what your opponent is using. so far ive went into 2 online matches and both times i used the blue deck and as soon as i hit ready they switched to the best deck to use against it, its not skillful and is a lame way to get an advantage.

btw idk about you guys but im ganna go on wizards website and go to their forum begging for a patch.