So if I use a re-spec token...?

If I use a re-spec token,do all my unlocks get locked up again;i.e.,will my upgraded weapons each require more unlock tokens or does it just reset the weapon back to baseline and my ( say for instance ) compensator still be unlocked ? Thanks in advance.


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if you use a re-spec token, it wipes the class clean an gives you your tokens back to re apply.

You lose nothing but gain the chance to re-apply tokens.

Cool.Thanks,Moob.I just didn't want to lose my work.

no worry's m8

Just make sure you don't hit the "Replace Player" one, I made that mistake in the beta, luckily it was in the beta.

Dont think the "replace player" one is in the retail game i haven't noticed it :\

^^ It is, when looking at your character loadout look in the bottom left.

Yup I found it :)

The only other thing you might need to do is to pull out of that screen and go back in a few times. When i used mine nothing changed. Pulled out and went back in (ooer missus) and my previous unlock was still unlocked! Pulled out again and the next time they were both locked! On the third (or fourth cant remember) when you pull out or go into a game it tells you then that you have a chance to unlock so you can re-choose at that stage.


To be honest i probably wasnt looking in the right area to know what to do, it was all very fingers and thumbs and panic stations when i had spent my only token and got nothing in return at first!

Just a heads up guys, once your character hits 50 it gives you another respec token, i used this to respec my engineer an get rid of the crap UCAV! :)