so i messed up... devs read this please and judge

i gamefly'd this game because i was tired of black ops and figured i needed something different. i got a little into it and then i got owned by some spiders a couple times in a row so i looked to the net for a cure and found out that you can glitch for free xp and lvl up. so i rolled back the update and did it.(i know im a bad person but i just wanted to go through the story) my thing is i didn't or would never want to cheat on live i just figured this is a non live game and wanted to see the story and send it back. 

then i got an achievement... then i thought oh crap...  now im cheating online-err offline but now i can't ever go online. i never meant to rob anyone of their status or bragging rights but now i'm screwed. devs have mercy on me please because i didn't mean to get offline GS by cheating. i just wanted to make this game a thing i went through and had a little fun with. seriously take my GS back... this game is ok gut i don't want to be labeled a cheater... i don't boost GS... i just thought it was harmless to LVL in this game until i saw the GS award. i'm sorry.


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1. the devs wont read this

2. they cant do anything about your gamerscore

3. why cant you go online?

To soothe your guilty conscience:

1. Install the latest update.

2. Learn how to use "Tactics".

3. Set the difficulty to "Casual".

4. Play the game without exploiting "glitches".

You'll breeze through the game and your character won't have to do anything if you set up your team's tactics properly.

For more info:

Unfortunately the developers won't read these forums

Hi I'm a developer and have read your post with great intrest.

Unfortuantly Im a developer of new kinds of goat cheese and cant help people who cheat on video games.

Good day!!.

lol it won't matter. Real infractions from gamerscore cheating comes from obtaining online/multiplayer only achievements offline through use of third party software and game saves. For the most part, you're fine.