So I got accused of invading recently...

Seriously, I've been just helping people at Capra for a while, minding my own business. In the middle of the battle I get a message. Upon reading it afterwards, it simply states, "wtf." I ask what's bothering the poor kid and he tells me that killing him was wrong. I couldn't help but laugh and had to find him on my recent players. He was apparently last met a couple of hours before he sent that message. I had to tell him I've never invaded anyone in Dark yet and he has to have mistaken me for someone else. He didn't reply back afterwards, but I still found it funny how he jumped the gun on who to accuse.


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Someone joined me on dead island the other day then left after a few mins... I then got a message saying 'give me my weapon back'

God when more then one person joins the game, and you want to send one of them a message...its really hard to remember who was who, now I just usually send all the people the same message

That is funny.  Don't want to get invaded?  Don't play online.  I haven't been invaded yet, kinda looking forward to it though.

Yea, I want to fight another player, I even join the forest hunters so I could and STILL nothing. I havent been invaded nor could I invade others since it fails everytime. Man, in demon souls I couldn't finish a damn level without being invaded. Sometimes I'd get invaded multiple times in one level. I also remember being summoned to the prison level in demon souls and I had to play as the boss and kill the player as they made their way to me. He wiped the floor with me though, but I still had a lot of fun. That was one VERY unique. The only game that I know of that allows human players to be a boss in a single player campaign.

I've been invaded 3 times. I'm 3 and 0, so I say bring it.

that invading thing the namco guys put in the game is just silly make the situacion worst...