So I finished the hunting Quest Bleed Me Dry.....Minor Spoilers!

So, Ruby (or Red?) whatever, asked me to go on a few hunts for her. Since I'm such a bad bad man I figure sure, why not go a hunting. I need the caps and she's kinda easy on the know? Well they all were easy enough until she asks me for cazador eggs. Really!? Fine, the things a man will do for (caps) a woman right? Well that ends up being a long trek into the middle of nowhere, and when I return with two of my limbs crippled and completely exhausted of my anti-venom supply she asks me to go into a Deathclaw hive? (Insert gratuitous cursing here) But me being the Mojave hero that I am, I begrudgingly make a trip back to my sweet casa and stock up on some essential supplies. You know, a Holorifle+ and more than a few rounds of ammo. A short detour over to the New Vegas Medical Clinic for over 4000 caps worth of stimpacks, Super stimpacks and a couple Doctors bags and I'm feeling confident enough to head to Sloan.

      I arrive in Sloan like a man on a mission, running into an old miner on my way north out of town. He warns me about the Deathclaws, I tell him how awesome my skills are with this here rifle in my hand. He looks me up and down and agrees, I'll be alright. Shoot, he even hands me a few Stimpacks to help me on my travels. Sweet, I'll put them to good use. So I continue North until I see the quarry, pull out my binoculars and squeeze a pebble into my diaper. Loads of these lil (not so much) buggars running around like they own the place! Knowing even with my homeboy Boone, charging straight into the lions den would be suicide. So I start climbing rocks on the left side in order to keep out of claw range. After an hour of taking pot shots towards the wandering monsters and watching Boone get knocked unconcious multiple times, I manage to clear out the majority including the Momma, and Alpha male. Now I'm the Alpha male. Grab me some eggs, and head back to the thorn. This lady owes me big time! She proceeds to tell me how great a hunter I am. I agree, and she invites me back to her place. Sweet.... so we change into our sexy nightwear and climb into her bed. All my HP gets restored and I'm feeling well rested. I wake up before her, she's still out cold. Yeah hunting games always wear me out too baby. Since she looks so peaceful, I figure eh, I'll go back to bed. Sleep for another twenty four hours and she's still out cold. So I wander around and check out her place, (it's dirty! But that'll make leaving so much easier) then decide I better rest up before moving on. Sleep another twenty four hours and she's finally getting up! She must have been worn out! " /> She's back in her hunting clothes and I'm looking the fool standing in my pjs. Oh well. Time to move on. We say our farewells and leave the room, Boone is still standing outside the door where I told him to wait three days ago. Creepy guy must have been listening to our ahem* conversation. I tell him let's roll out. He says he has got my back. Gee thanks. I might visit her again, I might not. The Mojave is a big place.        


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You should have kept on that Road that winds down past the Quarry there's a little train station down there with a collectible Rifle!

its a real game changer awsome weapon.. it on that two lane hiway jus past the quarry  heading towards the NV strip or North?

Small update here. The grenade MACHINEGUN in Dead Wind Cave called Mercy, actually uses 40mm ammo (glitch maybe?). When I first got it I though "ALRIGHT!!!" since I had alot of 25mm ammo but when im about to use it... no ammo, as in no 40mm type. I've checked the game past and future patches, and it doesnt look like its a glitch after all...

For those who replied to my earlier question, thanx. 


Slight update.  If you've got the Dead Money DLC & a decent Energy Weapons skill then I'd have to say the holo-rifle as of this writing.  When I came back from there I fully repaired & modded it & went into the quarry I just tore (note emphasis) through Deathclaws with it.  Same with the Cazadors;  don't let either overwhelm you of course but it's the first time that I can think of that I clearly had a distinct advantage (normal difficulty).  Not even the alien weapons fully repaired did as much. Maybe I'll go check out that cave where the Legendary Deathclaw is at just to see how it'd pan out,  but those are very confined quarters.



Paladin Toaster lol!

Yup the 25mm grenade launcher in Dead Wind Cave, between Wolf Horn Ranch and Ranger Station Charlie.


You get the quest from Red Lucy and that is one of the areas you venture into, killing Alpha Male Dealthclaw and there is a Paladin with a launcher a bit deeper in cave to left.


Behind Hellios One there is a cave with a bunch of friendly Nightkins where you get a melee weapon "Paladin Toaster."

I use a fully upgrade lazer rifle.(3 upgrades) and the hologram rifle from dead money with the two upgrades. That hologram takes out a death claw with three shots even when not in stealth mode on very hard/hardcore.

Q35 modulater prototype Plasma Rifle, awesome bit of kit available from the Repconn building

lazor gun from the star cap mission

What if youre concentrating on an Energy Weapons build? My current character is like this & is on the Thorn quest too.  My current Energy Weapons: Plasma Defender, Recharger Pistol, Modified Laser Rifle (scope & +3 damage) , the Prototype weapon from the crashed Vertibird,  & the Alien Weapons.  The last 2 I'm trying to get at 100% condition, luckily I recently made 10 weapon repair kits.  


Someone in another thread suggested the Gauss Rifle. 

Booyah!   ^^^^^^^ What two foot said.

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