So I finally got Gold again...

Hardly played Xbox since Xmas until Gears: Judgment came out last week.  It's an OK game but I'm not going to put 460 hours into it like with Battlefield.  It got me back into gaming again so...

So how you guys been?  Do you still play or do you just post here for the banter?  I've tried to drop in every now and then to post but not often. 

What did they nerf in the last coulpe of patches?  I last played after Aftermath, so probably everything that's good and stuff like the Type-88 is now OP.

Saw some of the Battlefield 4 trailer the other day.  It got boring after 5 minutes.  I thought I was watching a Michael Bay movie.  Just loads of explosions and stuff, y'know?

Should start playing BF3 again sometime.  Who's up for 2000% 24/7 Metro then?  Failing that 700% Noshahr TDM?  Hahaha.


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an-94,L86A2, an the ACW-R! are the best weapons in my opinion, everyone else seems to be sticking with those m-16?? & this VAL is been a real thorn in my backside!!

Everything's pretty balanced, with the exception of two-three weapons, oh and End Game is just terrible.

Did you sna your disc in half, Zehq?  Lol.  Dem Stingers must have finally got to you brah.


Yeah, had no real interest in End Game anyway.  The dirt bikes were all I was really keen on.

I think end game is fun.

Lol, yeah, I ain't playin no mo' BF3.

C4 on the dirt bikes is fun.  CTF is fun with a group of friends.

I thought End Game was fun also when i tried it.

I've been enjoying End Game.   Zeek don't like it becasue there's no jets innit, and AS is prolly too many jets.