So I finally beat the game last night....

108 hours and Soul Level 149.  Last boss was a pain in the butt, but thankfully I found a summon sign right outside his door (which surprised me considering my level).

Watched the end credits and immediately the game through back to the beginning in my jail cell in the Northern Undead Asylum.

Things I'm looking forward to in my second playthrough:

1)  The Giant Blacksmith actually being ALIVE again.  I won't make the same mistake of him dying from those stupid spear chucking fliers right outside his door.  Ugh.

2)  Upgrading more equipment and finding more Twinkling Titanite. 

3)  Actually knowing how to kill the bosses now.

4)  Helping others as much as possible by rating all messages and having my summon sign down.

5)  Read #1 again and celebrate.


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Congrats! Where is the giant blacksmith? I'm in Anor Londo SL60. Can I make cool weapons with him?

Yes, Blacksmith is in Anor Londo.  He is the ONLY blacksmith in the game that can use the special Boss Souls to combine with weapons to make things like Querrag's Furysword or the Golem Axe, etc.  

Have you beat Smough & Ornstein yet?  (Anor Londo bosses)

Gz man...i'm SL 80 and i'm not fighting another long haired zens fortress lizard till i look like megatron.

ah i found that blacksmith but had no idea that he could use boss souls!

Woot!  Killed the Gargoyles BY MYSELF last night.  I didn't even summon Solaire.  Now it's off to the Capra Demon.  Yuck.....

Congrats man, but isn't SL 149 a tad high. I'm at the Smough and Ornstien fight on New Game + at SL 95. I say this because match making will be very difficult for you seeing as how only people who fall within +/- 10% of your level can join you.

What are the recommended levels for various game areas?  Anyone who finished want to give making a list a shot?  I am trying to keep my level as low as possible to give me an edge in PvP, just finished Ash Lake at level 29, and yes, probably kind of high but I wanted to be able to heal and use that thing that lets me cast faith spells using int instead of faith so I had to tack on four or five extra levels in int to make that happen.  I'm a dex thief build with sorcery on the side.

It's not my fault that I'm 149.  Check out my Invasion Tips thread.  Unfortunately while I was invading I ran into a bunch of definite cheaters.  I died a lot, and could do NO damage to many of them (even backstabs did 0 damage).  However one of them rolled off a cliff and died and dropped 16 MILLION souls.  

I used like 7 million of them randomly levelling up and then purposely killed myself to drop the rest.  Im just using this character to finish off achievements and then will probably try to create a new one anyways.  Rolling as a Knight right now and want to try out a spellcaster.

I really hope that soul glitch doesn't have some seriously detrimental effects on this game.  If not for it, most players would have been clustered all around a similar level, and I doubt too many people would have gone much over 100-120 at this point.  But what's happened now is, people are getting spread all over the place at high levels (300+), with some using it to max out and blow through the hard parts of the game, but leaving themselves excluded from coop and PvP. 

I'm grinding toward the last 3 or 4 bosses, but I've stayed in the SL 60-70 range to make sure I could still do some regular coop.  I guess if the game has any life on the Xbox, people will have to create new builds just to shoot for a good PvP range (or just move on to Skyrim).  Hard to say.

Yeah once I 1K this game I'm making a new character, most likely a Pyromancer/Faith build.

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