So I bought all pyro, miracles and sorcery from people at Firelink Shrine.

Is there anymore anywhere here I need or do I get the rest in Anor Londo?


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there is a woman in the sewers at the bottom of blight town...shes behind one of those hut things...and also found this out after it was too late but..after you beat quelag there is a secret hidden wall in the bell chamber that has a spider queen and a dude with egg sacks on his back..DO NOT KILL HIM..he has some pyromancy ive heard.

That is "Queelanna" And she won't appear until you have a +15 pyromancy glove. If you talked to latrevarnius (just guessing on that name spelling) You can buy upgraded from the egg sack guy.

Also IF YOU GO THROUGH LOST IZALITH QUEELANNA BECOMES A HOSTILE HOLLOW so buy what you need form here before you go to kill the Bed of Chaos. (on my first playthrough I got stuck with a +13 glove because I had to kill her).

My glove is a +11 so I will farm til I get enough to upgrade it fully. Do I need to get to that hidden area before I ring the bell or doesn't matter? Is Quelag the main boss in Blighttown. I thought there was a Pinwheel character as well. I'm getting owned in Blighttown. I moved thru the game pretty handily until I got here.

Toxins suck. Think I will wear the Dingy hood and try it. It's the only thing I have against toxins. I'll farm some more frost covered moss as well.


Also, Say I get to that hidden room and mercahnt lady. Can I go farm for more souls and come back to buy everything or do they leave once you are finished the area? Thanks again.


they stay for the entire game, the shadow gear works well for progressing through blight town and the dart firing guys dont respawn when you have your new pyromancy glove to +5 kill the egg sack guy and you will get another spell this doesnt affect the spider woman in the chamber.

yes you have to kill the boss before you get to the chamber,and yes you can farm and go back. but you have to go through blight town again., but you should pretty much know whats coming by the time you beat the boss. if you get to blight town through the depths as opposed going the easier way through the valley of the drakes you will find the shadow armor which helped me in that area. and do yourslf a favor and go get that poison bite ring i mentioned.