So How man kinds of trees are in the 360 version?

and how many types of farms can I build so far?


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On the 360, I've seen 3 types of trees:

normal trees

birch trees (which bark, different saplings)

pine trees (look like normal tree bark, grows taller, slightly triangle shaped)

around pine trees, you'll find baby pine trees on the ground (like grass or flowers), that are definitely triangle shaped.

As for farming, the 360 does not have animal breeding yet.  So you can't farm animals.

You can farm wheat, sugar cane and cactus.

The majority of the trees have a medium brown bark, the birch trees referred to in the above posts are more of a greyish-white and the third type of tree "pine" have a dark brown bark.  Each has unique sapling for growing thus you can have 3 different tree farms.  I usually play a world where I either dont cut down all the "birch" or dont cut down any.  Most of my worlds have very few "pine" trees :(

I know the pines exist, I have yet to see them in any of my worlds.

There are no pine trees or snow in "gargamel", unfortunately.


The birch (light colored with spots) is the best wood to farm for general purposes (i.e., planks and sticks).  It grows straight up to a height of 5, 6 or 7 wood blocks.  That makes it easy to chop down, without needing to build upward to be able to get at all the wood.  They grow more quickly than the others, and sometimes a tree can sprout up in your face right after you plant it (without fertilizer).  These trees need a radius of 5 blocks to grow, as they are more finicky than the others.  I have a large birch-tree farm in my world, which has completely solved my wood-supply problems from earlier.