So how long will it take EA???

I am really lookin forward to this game dropping in October . Everything I have seen and read looks great. BUT the one thing I am concerned about is EA and the servers. If this game is going to be as big as everyone expects and sales beating world wide records how long do you think it will take to play a lag free game and EA has enough servers ?

6-12 hrs after drop?

12-24hrs after drop ?

24-48hrs after drop?

50+ hrs after drop?

A week ?

NOOOOOOO a month?

More then a month?

Personally I hope they have learned something from the release of  BC ....BC2 and GET ENOUGH SERVERS but my money is on at least 3-5 days. Cant wait to sit in my party waiting to play to see......................"No servers found" or 1/2 my party gets in while a game while  the other gets dumped to the dash board for the 10th time.

Please EA whatever amount of servers you have figured out for the epic drop INCREASE them..... trust me

Also DICE from the vidoes I have seen the m16 looks way to powerfull! Please nerf before release !!!!  lol

Yes the first over powered gun thread suckers!!!    Many more to come I am sure.




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When have any of them ever learned anything at launch? It'll be the same as it's always been. I expect to be playing mostly campaign the first week or so..... just like I always have. At least the BF3 campaign looks like it'll be worth playing this time around.

EA can never get their servers correct at any new game Launch unless you don't hear any complaints from the madden crowd and the NHL crowd about the servers expect the server issue to be a problem with BF3. It usually takes a month for the server issue to resolve and I think part of that is that the server load decreses because too many people give up in frustration.

The truth of the matter is that EA is cheap and will not put up enough servers until they figure out how many people are trying to play, even though they have been advertising the s h i t out of this game.

The bad thing is, I can't think of a single time EA didn't have server issues at launch of any game they support. Even Tiger Woods has historically had server issues.


My guess is they never get it quite right for as long as we play BF3. :-(