So How Is MKAK. Still waiting on fight stick Arrival

Cant play it. Im really pissed that the fight stick didnt arrive for launch. I paid 140 bucks to wait longer than all my peers. Ive heard a lot of issues are going on with lag n matchmaking? is this true? I did dl trial, and thought MK1 and 2 seemed perfect. UMK3 looked like a diff revision than original xbla umk3. The hell level looks terrible. Minor bugs aside, if i get a sound glitch i dont mind. Its MK. Im pretty mad at gamestop and or nrs about my stick. also, could i play 3rd strike with stick? i dont mind losing a punch or kick button


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There's lag, yes. It's not completely terrible, but it is kind of bad. I've been playing the first MK a lot lately, mainly due to being glitched out of the cheevo...several times. It's still fun and all, though. You can play with any fight stick that's compatible with the 360, I'm sure. Just make sure you got the buttons where you want them.

Yea Tenjin just got my fight stick tonite. Very Very upset playin Mk2 tonite online ranked and it seems it runs at 5 fps, very delayed. MK2 is fast running at its optimum. You think a patch is coming? otherwise thrilled with the single player. Not bad. Nice game

Some sources told there were already minor fixes, but the input lag is still there for both offline and online. Good grief.

i got crapped on for an hour by shao kahn in very easy.

LMAO!!!! MK FTW!!!!

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LMAO!!!! MK FTW!!!!


Yeah, MK is great. Thanks for sharing your opinion! =D

Just beat umk3 last night...I was gonna save the single player "beat arcade" cheevos for last.  Well what do u know the ach didn't unlock. I went all out for this fight stick bundle too. With so many issues like lag/ragequitting/broken ach a leaderboard that can be manipulated at WILL (no exaggeration) i wasted my 140 dollars. Games pretty good single player though