So how is it?

Just curious...I may pick it up. Gameinformer gave it a 5.5 lol


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lol oh thanks

The game is great, but thats just my opinion, everyone has their own gripes, but I like the entire game overall

Got the game for Christmas and it's awesome. The new technology makes this game so much better in my opinion. I wish THQ changed the formula years ago. There was so much wrong with SvR 2011 and I'm surprised that they didn't even bother fixing that game. But WWE 12 is nearly perfect as far as game play goes. I'm enjoying it a lot. Still has its glitches and bugs that THQ is working on. I'm playing on normal difficulty and I've lost more matches than any of the Smackdown games. I played every game since Just Bring It, so no complaints from me. I'm having no less than 5 minute singles matches. If it pushes to 7 or 8 then I might lose. It's that well balanced for me. I just hope they don't mess it up down the road in future releases. I'm disappointed that THQ has yet to fix the entrance issue where people are coming out from the left. It's been that way since SvR 2009 when WWE went HD and new stage. It's ridiculous how long it's been that way. They fixed some entrances last year and a few more this year, but most are still coming from the left.

It Is Alright For The Most Part Still A Lot Missing But It Will Make Due With Until Next Year

I gave a long ranting review in an earlier post, but the main point is that the game is fun and will get a lot of replay from me. I say pick it up and enjoy....but  I have the same negative issues as everyone else...namely I hate games that are released broken to be patched later because of my lack of internet gaming access right now. The same goes with DLC, particularly The Rock as his character was finished and should have been included with the price of admission... I also had issue with so many saying how much better this game is than the SvR series...the graphics are better than ever and I like the new button layout, but really this is more of the same and I wouldn't have noticed the "revolution" had they stamped Smackdown vs. Raw 2012 on the package.

I'm also tempted, will see what price it is when i'm next in town!