So, how is everybody?

I'm bored.


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Same :3 I'm relatively new to console gaming but always looking for people to game/chat with. Feel free to add me :)

Get off the computer.  Go outside.  Get some fresh air and sunshine.  You won't be bored.  Only reason I'm on the computer at the moment is cause I'm at work.  But, I am guilty of too-much-console time when I'm at home.  Oh well.

Pretty good. I am still playing a large back log of games so I always have something to play.

Next up mw3.

I good be better when i get too play destiny.dragonage and watchdogs thou

Siege, I cant go outside, the graphics are too good O_o

I am doing okay thank you. I will be better when I get over what happened to me in LEGO Hobbit last night. I got up to the last boss in movie 1 and for some fantastic reason, Bilbo decided to freeze. Everyone was moving but nothing seemed to work with Bilbo :/

I'll get over it.