So, how do you play the Stimulus maps?


I got the stimulus map pack today since there on sale for a nice price, but when playing MW2 again there was no way to get to play the maps i just downloaded, when i do "find match" i only get MW2 main maps, i asume il have to come acros them online in order to play but so far i havent, and that kinda sucks :P

I tought there was a special mode that would only play the DLC maps? or has that been removed?

I was planning to get the other DLC pack to but i havent even been able to play the first so i gues il wait lol =(

So yea, is there any way to play the maps other then having luck? ive played 10 games and 10 times it were MW2 main maps, all i want is just to play Crash for once again :P :(




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just keep switching lobbies till they come up

i have the stimulus map pack and they come up regularly

Yea i gues thats the only way, kind of lame but thanks for the reply :)