So far New Vegas Summary.

So .. I'm a level 44 did everything, everywhere , got all the rare weapons, seen the a-bomb sitting in the mojave and Been to seirra madre , Zion,and now Big Mt. Sierra madre is by far worst fallout dlc ever just for the reason it's a one shot deal.. Zion was pretty cool reminds me of Fallout 3 : D , and the best dlc so far Big MT. different and new , it has new weapons, foods, perks, perks, and more perks. I love the house and just kept all the robots alive for someone to talk to. : D I found the BIG MT snowglobe too ! pretty sure it was in the weather place with the small higgins town circle . I have done all this stuff collected all these things, and I still havn't even confronted benny : D I'm pushing 512 hrs on my game....might have to you tube my stuff before i delete my game as in fallout 3 ^.^


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The next & reportedly last DLC is the one I'm waiting on.  When I saw the illo of Ulyses with the flag I said "wow".  

I shot Benny in the face with with 2 rounds of Inc. from the AMR after I dispatched the rest of Caesars junkies.

Just a quick side note for ya! I have not yet loaded OWB and have 518 hrs so far. Didn't find the globe at the Sierra but I do have the Zion one.

Have you noticed since the last update and DLC that there is more stuff to be had. The general store in Zion is just plain loaded.

I'll be loading OWB later this week.

Level 44? Though that you can't rank up after 35? Least I can't, screen keeps saying max XP

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Level 44? Though that you can't rank up after 35? Least I can't, screen keeps saying max XP



Load DLC's and your cap is raised by 5 each time. 35 old max + HH + 5 + OWB + 5 = 45.

I'm at 39 right now but haven't had any luck with HH and the quests there. I should go back and start that one again but I'm too lazy and having fun even so.

Did you just say 512 hours?

Oh my lord, that's insaaaaane! I'm at 93 right now!

Wait, but if you have that many hours, how are you only at level 44? :p

I can only put in around 130-150 hours in New Vegas before getting bored. My main Fallout 3 account had around 300 hours, loved that game.

All I can think of is that your missing so much. I have over 500 hours also. How many locations have you discovered? Then again I am kind of cautious and nearly never use fast travel.

Well, I'm not missing that much. :( All except about 10 that I'm planing on getting today..

Still wish there way an easy way to know what quests I'm missing, even if they're not big. I feel like I've gotten so many, but I know I'm at LEAST missing 5. The only thing I can think of is going on the wiki, going to quests, and crossing them off as I see them completed on my pip-boy. That'd take too long though, I'd get bored 1/3rd of the way through. Anyone else find a good system?

I'm not saying your missing any quests. Nor am I trying to be negative towards you. I appreciate everything you say. I know I have several that I've either failed or not interested in. I'm just thinking there is soo much more to this game than just quests. Look in your pip boy and check where it shows the challenges. Example: I'm a level 3 bug stomper. That means I kill scorps and such very easy now. I think I've discovered just about every location on the map.

Have you killed "all" the legendary creatures? Discovered all the special weapons?

I don't like the wiki's and think I've only used them to get lists of weapon strength's and normal stats.

In 96 hrs of play I was only level 14 and still exploring.


Really? I didn't know that, thanks for telling me... thought 35 was max, guess I need to download the other DLC's. And I'm pushing 420 hours right now, and still need to replay it again so I can get the rest of the achievements..