So disgusted...

I am so sick of every single match in this game, PERIOD, being all about freakin spawn camping. Doesnt matter what gametype, it seems the only objective is to run directly to the other team's spawn and being as much of a pain in the @@@ as humanly possible. Every. Single. Match. Whats wrong, you cant get kills when the enemy actually has a chance to fight you from different angles?


Point blank, if you spawn camp, you have no skill in this game whatsoever and you have to resort to such low brow tactics to get your points. Good for you. Must be fun cleaning out every single f**king server you stink up with your foulness. I just hope to whatever you higher power you believe in that you someday get testicular cancer and can never procreate to prevent further diluting the gene pool.


I just hope that they institute some kind of safety border in the other teams spawn in the next BF. Because if they dont, I think it may be a deal breaker for me after months and months of this crap with this game. Yet another game being slowly ruined by the losers that spread their diseased sense of sportsmanship....


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Victory is my only objective, and I will achieve it by any means.

Spawn camping does not exist in battlefield in the same sense as other games. The only way to be trapped in your spawn in this game is by letting yourself be backed into it. The spawn-on-squad system in this game makes it very hard to be trapped in the spawn, since it only takes one man out of the spawn to allow three more to spawn out and cause enough havoc with the objectives to distract the other team, allowing the rest to escape the spawn.

I play to win, and if I can push you all the way back to your spawn, I will. It means I'll win faster. There is no slaughter rule in war.

it really only happens on a map when the teams are out of balance, when i am in a game and this is happening to me because the teams are not full i switch sides, eventually the game becomes totally unbalanced on sides that the spawn campers might realized that it's best and more of a fun game if you just hold 2 or 3 of the 3 or 4 flags. I dislike it when my team starts to get greedy and goes to try to hold all the flags, in a full evenly balanced game, next thing you know the other side is taking other flags that the team should have been defending. But you know your team is sucking when you are in a full game and the screen says searching for a squad.

There is a lack of sportsmanship these days.

So...... It does not take skills to push a team back ?

I would say that the team that gets pushed back into their spawn, does not understand this game.

If you're not in your spawn, they can't spawnkill you.


Some have a weird idea that being a leet sniper on top of a ridge is good enough. A guy who know the map, will see on the killcamp where you are and tell his buddies



And if you get trapped in your spawn........ Quit whining and break the f*** out of it.

So many guys complain about being spawntrapped. Trying to kill the guys that are doing this to your team, will solve nothing. So think before you spawn, and break out.


I get the whole if you get pushed back thing. But, me personally, if my squad has all the flags, we focus on maintaining those flags and not on spawn camping. It guarantees a win as opposed to being a douchebag and sitting in someone's spawn shooting them as they pop in. How is that fair? In most of these maps, if they get into your spawn and lock it down, there is no getting out due to these maps being designed very linear.

But, my biggest issue with this are the asshats that make their whole game about spawn camping.... from the word go, they are hauling it to your spawn and spend their match there. For them, its clearly not about winning, its about being douches. This would not be an issue if the original spawn point for both teams was out of bounds and you could not get in there. If people cant be mature enough to have some goddamn sportsmanship about them, force it.

most spawn campers that run to the other teams spawn right away will usually get stomped in short order. while half the other team is racing to our spawn, my team is capping flags. Once we have the flags, we kill the idiots waiting in our original spawn, then bring the pain to them. they chose to bypass the objectives, it's only fair they get punished for it.

I get the whole "it's not cool to base camp" but .... The best defense is a good offense, hence, if you can pin them in their base, you are controlling their movement and winning the match faster.

I think 2 things are truly to blame for base camping:

1. one team doesn't truly understand how to play conquest (as a whole unit)

2. map design.. look at some of the bottle necks at home bases.. devs made is very easy to do..

Personally, I've been a part of matches where our team got pushed back to our spawn and we found a way out and ended up base camping the other team til they left.. epic turnaround and just proved that being base camped isn't a 'ok, game over' situation..

If you get spawn camped it's your own team's fault. /thread quick to judge..."oh you just suck bla bla bla".....what about being seriously outnumbered? ......5 on 12 that kind of is that the 5's fault?...yes in real life a group of 5 can easily outmaneuver a larger force with proper training/planning and execution...but that outcome is way less likely in a video game witth limited mobility options, map perimeters etc etc

anymore when someone comes here with what might actually be a legitimate gripe about's more of an excuse for everyone to puff up, beat their chests, pat themselves on the back and smugly insult the complainer as "inferior"...get over yourselves man, try being more positive and less CODkids  

yes, I agree that in alot of cases the losing team could have fought harder, but this game is almost as much chance and luck as it is skill....either way, someone's complaint isn't always an invitation to preen&posture while casually tossing subtle it for the MLG chumps man

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