So Diablo 3, all but confirmed on ps3

So few news articles.  you can find it if you google it has pretty much confirmed, without a confirmation from blizzard that diablo 3 is in development for the ps3.   No word on a 360 version.   and if there's not it is probably MS's strict closed network that is preventing it.   Really hope MS opens up because they will be missing out.    Work a deal like EA did.   EA uses their own servers.    find a way to connect to battlenet MS.


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I dunno, why wouldn't it be released on the 360.

If Microsoft loses out on this than they really need to start rethinking their gameplan!I'm with X-Box and microsoft for the long run but they also have to be here for us and bring the gamers what they want.

why do u want a ported game?

If the game suffers because they had to dumb it down for PS3 I'll be very disappointed.

I dunno. Portal for the PS3 was pretty nifty with Steam support. Hopefully they can do the same with Xbox LIVE and

Confirmed? Hardly.

They are looking for a few PS3 developers to blueprint how they would do the port. Considering the 360 and PC use the same basic coding techniques, if it releases on PS3 it will hit 360.

Best on PC anyway.