So can someone tell me how this makes sense (TV input lag/aim-assist on COD related)

Alright so my lady an I have two Samsung TV's an two Xbox's, hers is an LCD an mine's a Plasma. Plasma's have lower input lag, and between the two of our TV's it's very true - her TV plays a tad sluggish in movements compared to mine. Now here's where the aim-assist awkwardness comes into play. On my quicker responsed TV the aim-assist will rarely lock on accurately, half the time it seems like it will want to spray everywhere around a guy but not actually on him and not really 'lock', her slower responsed TV will lock on a target just perfectly for some reason - this makes no sesne to me. We swapped Xbox's to eachothers TV's just to see if it was my box or maybe even my ethernet cable that runs to my box but we got the same results except with swapped Xbox's. Anybody have any idea?


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Maybe you have selected to turn of aim assist in the game ? As for her TV is there a setting for gaming? some tvs need you to set it to gaming to get rid of the lag.

I have mine on. At times I'll turn mine off because of it, but it's even worse without it due to internet lag not accurately reading a guy on my screen fully 100% of the time. Game Mode is set on both of our TV's, and we have the exact same series of TV (600 series) only hers is LCD an mine is Plasma. Her input lag isn't bad at all, it's almost unnoticeable - you wouldn't notice it if you gave somebody the controller an had them play on it. But going from hers to mine, or vice versa, there's definitely a small difference. But regardless, it just doesn't make sense that the slightly quicker responsed TV won't give a stable lock on a target like the slightly slower responsed TV does - it's very weird.

You should just learn to aim better I guess.

Dumb ignorant answer. Try precisely aiming when your TV kicks in the game's aim-assist lock OUTSIDE OF THE TARGET and not actually on him at all times - when another TV in your hands locks in on the guy every single time. If you've played Black Ops you'll know how flawed the hit detection is, so without the aim-assist it's pitiful.

it sometimes help to turn off all the extras on the tv,like dynamic options,noise reductions and things like that.