So *** annoying....

If I leave a game...why does it put me BACK into the same one? I highly doubt there were no others. I got put back into the same game 3 times in a row where when I joined, they had ALL helicopters from both teams and were base camping like mad. Why put me back into a game like that 3 *** times? BF3 better have a lobby to choose games. This is way too annoying.


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All you have to do is choose a different map then the oen you were previously playing on, really it is not that difficult of a concept.

Just change your search criteria. It will never happen again.

Search for a new game with a different map. Problem solved.

Ok, well first off it could be because of you internet connection.

Why might this happen?

-Your NAT is Strict or Moderate (Which means you can't connect to certain players)

-Your Connection was best in that game

..I can keep going on, but it's pointless. If your disliking the game that much you could always back out and wait a couple minutes and search again, play a different game mode, even play a different game, etc..

Anyways, it happens to everybody and it does suck! Battlefield 3 will be better though, I've looked into this a lot. :)