So... about that Premium Elite stuff...

So Call of Duty Elite is going to be $49.99 USD per year and will include all DLC maps released at small increments more frequently and will have more features.

Four DLC packs will cost $60 over the course of the year.


So getting CoD Elite is suppose to be a money saver to an extent.

However it's kind of sketchy, especially if you apply the economist thoughts of "money now is worth more than money later". So depending on what rate you choose the dollar to fall over one year, buying the four DLC packs for $60 may be equivalent to the $49.99 dropped today. However... will they allow players to drop the $49.99 at a later date to get all of the DLC packs? Hmm...

But I don't know, CoD Elite does have extra features but for the common player who doesn't participate in clans and doesn't upload videos, those features are useless.


So...... who's getting it?


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Not me, eff that.

I'm getting it, although I may just pre-order the Hardened edition which includes 1 year of premium Elite subscription. At $99.99 for the Hardened edition that would save me $10.00 overall for the price of the Premium Elite subscription.

I have never bought a limited, special or hardened or any other edition of a game before but with this Premium elite included for a year I may have to jump and get it this time.

Not me....  C'mon Gears of War 3 is coming out.  Although I'm preordering MW3 I doubt I'll even open the package for a few Months at least.

It's worth it just for the dlc alone that's Wat swayed me to to the hardened edition but its £89.99 here in UK was thinking that the prestige won't be much more so wen I know wats included and the price of the prestige edition I might be tempted to buy that. Usually I always buy standard editions but with the inclusion of a years membership to elite I feel this is a must this year

It comes with more than that though...

you people are going on about elite etc but what if this game is just average..why dont you wait til the game comes out then make up your minds..common sense to me..i think you maybe a little bit disappointed come november.

Elite is not just for mw3 ya know black ops will run with it too and @penguin yeah there's gunna be a lot of added extras for premium members

Nah, I doubt if I will be disappointed, I haven't been yet with any of the COD's I like them all for different reasons.

Also I might be one of the only people in the world that can play and enjoy more then one game. I am getting BF3 day one, GOW3 day one, Forza 4 day one, and MW3 day one. I am sure there will be a few more that may tempt me these coming months.

Also to respond to an above post I heard that there will NOT be a prestige edition this year.

Another thing orion, I have gone through the Elite Beta and am liking what I see, with watching the MP briefing at COD XP I am rather excited about this installment, it does bear resemblance to MW2 and that is ok. As long as they have fixed some of the issues I have with that game I will be happy. And from the sounds of it the additions they have made are going to be great ones.

I am a grown man and if I buy the prestige edition for $99 and I hate the game(which won't happen) then who cares? It's not the end of the world it's only $99, or a tank of gas in my truck. Not a big deal I blow $99 everytime I walk into the devils store, Wal Mart...

Yeah agreed ill also be picking up elder scrolls skyrim looks mint

Maybe the Hardened Edition for me too. I wonder if itll include all the DLC?

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