snowflake how to tame

so i have played dead rising 2 and i tamed snowflake in that one. do i use the same tecnique in this one? because i tried having the ground covered in steaks and the tiger just kept attacking me. is there something different i have to do in this new and better version of dead rising 2?


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Try waiting until Snowflake is about to charge at you and then throw a steak towards her. That's how I did it in the first game. Just having them laying on the ground never worked for me in DR2.

And remember: there's an achievement for damaging a psychopath with snowflake, and there's also one for turning the power back on in the Yucatan casino. The latter is available directly after you tame snowflake. In one of the rooms at the back, there should be a survivor. Just talk to him and he should lead you to turn the power on.

I have not played the OTR, yet.  Too many games not enough time.  But, I found the real trick was that steaks had to several (6+) feet in front the character and on a straight line.  

You ------------- Steak <-----------------  Snowflake (works)

You   -------------Steak


---------------------------------------------------- Snowflake (does not)

Try throwing the steaks out into the open when you are not in snowflakes sight. Slowly overtime he will look around and then eat the steak(s)

it has been confirmed that once her keeper is dead ( i forget his name-he never lasts long in my world) you can leave Yucatan and  re-enter the next day and she will be tamed. It goes right to the cut scene. Glitch? idk, but it works. I did it today, and saved Lenny

Yes It Is The Same As Dead rising 2 however the system now it's much easier.


As was mentioned above, walk into the casino the next day or a few hrs after killing his master and the cut scene will trigger giving you Snowflake. For reference, I did this once I got the call to kill the crazed chef in the food court. Have Snowflake help with the psychopath and get that achievement as well.

The stupid steaks always seem to slide like 10 feet when ever I'd throw them. Made it difficult to get them lined up correctly and directly in front of Snowflake. After I tamed her I scurried over to the Food Court with my party of Survivors and me and Snowflake gave the psycho Antoine a beat down. (The fat chef that eats and re-heals himself during the battle)

Throw steaks at him, go back to year you kill the psychopath, then snowflake should run past them. Thats ok because she'll run back and eat them. If not then throw steaks at here and stay clear of her

Snowflake makes an excelent surviour to you get 30,000pp for saving her more with the rescue mag