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I recently played the objective games after level up like 9 time just to get my ninja pro. I like TDM and a little FFA. I'm such an idiot I played like 10 games of S&D to get bomb plants and didn't get one. Finally, someone told me to play one of the other mindless objective games and got the 10 plants in an half hour.


My point is, there are only a few people playing these games and most play TDM. I don't understand why there aren't more variations of TDM, like snipers only. I hate using the sniper rifle because it's too hard with all the weapons out there. When I try to use a sniper I get blasted in the back with a shotgun or mowed down by a AK I just think...idiot. I actually admire the few players who kill me with a sniper...true skill!


I think a TDM sniper only would be more popular that any of the objective matches, what you think?


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I don't know if it would be more popular than regular TDM or even Barebones but I could see them adding that maybe, they have mixed around the gametypes a couple times already. Sniper rifles are not difficult to use, you just have to go by their strengths and weaknesses. Anything chest up is usually a kill. If you are ten feet from someone with an assault rifle don't shoot for the legs with a sniper and expect a kill. Switch to your pistol or shoot them high or run to a better location if you can. You also cant expect good results right away but do use the snipers regularly, while you are ranking up pick one or two maps and commit to using only the sniper rifle on those maps. My favorite one was Array and also Cracked. No attachments at all either, I'm 87% sure it reduces accuracy with any of them. I'm  not great at it but those are my tips.

regular TDM agree, but barebones disagree.  

Thanks for the advice, but I can easily kill a sniper with my Galil, no problem.  I just kinda feel guilty.

    Yeah ........... this game isnt really geared toward snipers. The new maps are a little better for it than the old ones, but even though treyarch was against quickscoping, they have a better chance than the straight up snipers..

    Just remember that sniping isnt a high volume tactic, and you can still have fun with it.

    You are also better in hc mode, but if you arent real good at it, dont try hc ffa, ....... too many spectators.

I would like them to add different TDM modes too. I would love to see a shotty/sniper mode just like Halo 3 or something along those lines.

    I believe they have a limited number of slots for game modes, but dont forget, you can always set up a private match and make your own rules.

    I play mostly ffa and its pretty common to play a ranked match where most of the people in the lobby agree to certain rules ......... usually shottys and pistols ..... but snipers is common too.

    Note that I said MOST ............ you almost always have at least one person who goes for an easy win using an ar or smg, but if you are in it for the fun, thats not really a big deal.

    Its actually kind of surprising the willingness by most players, it usually just takes someone to suggest it and most of the time, the majority will agree.

About a week ago, a buddy of mine invited me to a private quickscoping match.   I thought "Eh, not really going to enjoy this, but I'll give it a shot."  It wasn't until halfway through the first match that I was made aware of the rules.  

-Gold L96A1's only

-no tacticals, lethals, or equipment

-no killstreaks

-score limit set to 2500 (25 kills)

-last kill has to be executed after doing a 360 spin  (<~~~funny when you actually see it)

At this point, I have limited experience with a sniper rifle, but I had a blast.   It wasn't about how many times I died or how many kills I had, it was just about the sheer fun of it all.  And you could tell we were having fun, because everyone in the game was laughing uncontrollably the whole time.  Good times.  

Thank you, Bravox.  I don't really like the sniper while playing matched TDM random games.  I played a few with friends and it was fun.  Maybe there are only a few slots available 3arc to set up for public game play.

I think it would be better to replaced some of the mindless objective games for a sniper only TDM game.  Look at the number of players who are playing S&D, Demolition and the other one that is stupid.  And they not even playing to win...not sure what they are trying to do.

Really, Snipers only would be a better slot.  I don't even think the most hardcore objective gamer could argue with that. They have at least 3 already.

Yeah agreed would like to see a sniper only lobby as I just started using the sniper and its really annoying wen ya get rushed with a smg or gunned down at close range by a ar

lol @ mindless objective game modes, and "only a few people playing them"

TDM is the worst game mode ever...just endless camping

Yeah I for one also love a good game of search and one kill in search is equivolent  to ten in free for all so there ya have it