Sniper Elite V2 ver COD

Well i guess the next game I will be running for the longest will be (Sniper Elite V2) for its the most realistic sniper game that i have found, Right now it's just a FREE TRIAL VER.
It's in the DEMO area in the XBOX360 games, But i have Pree ordered it.(5-2-2012) Drop date. For all of the COD games they list in the guns.(GUN RANGE). Hand gun has limited range, In COD someone that is in a last stance can shoot a sniper from across the map in one shot with a hand gun (We all have had that done to us).In this old but new game.(The old Xbox), 
Theres no (Quick Scope) (RUN-N-GUN) for you have to make a REAL SHOT !! And range is for REAL (Bullet drop and windage).
For you have to addjust for the wind and range (not like COD'S where you aim for a head in the crosshairs and head shot right off the bat!) and it is VERY GRAFIC!! when you watch the bullet cam, None of this (money shots like in COD MW3 ) where all you see is money pop out, This is like back to the REAL OLD SCHOOL COD style from the PC days of COD BIG RED ONE.COD1 COD2 kinda stuff, Where here you get to see bullet damage to one's body (Bones and Brains,Guts and all that nassy stuff) Fly allover the place!! Even tho i have ELITE COD MW3 i think ill play it still but when the Sniper EliteV2 ill be over there doing the
CO OP and the missions .

L8R and happy camping!!



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Every game should not be compared to Call Of Duty. Its a one of a kind game, nothing even close to what Call Of Duty is today.

2 total different games with total different styles of player, even the core design in SE v2 different.

I like it so i pre ordered it :P can't wait.

The COD series has gotten like the halo series mainly made/aimed at the younger gamers an this is shown 99% of the time in the game lobbys.

Nothing but chav's an trash  talk.

Yeah, I pre-ordered it as well, $45 bucks... I saved a lot of money and got the "Kill the Fuher" (need the double dots on the u) bonus mission as well.


Oh and this cannot be compared to CoD, to compare it would be a disgrace to Sniper Elite. The gameplay is TOTALLY different. Bullet Ballistics and damage mean squat in CoD. In CoD you can quickscope, now do that in SEV2. XD

^+1 FTW!

What about Ghost Recon future solider...the beta just came out today...

Ghost Recon is a good one,So is battlefeild . But as far as snipeing, On COD WAW was a beast! Then it went down hill from there, MW3 like has like only one map that you can half way snipe on, Other then just laying in a hallway with a 50cal and wateing for someone to enter the hall way, to me thats not snipeing. Dont get me wrong i do realy like all the COD'S for i have them all!
And play them all .(other then the few thats been hacked to death) 
It's just a prefrance of playing type.
Then agen why do they give you all these fancy snipers and no map to use them on?
I would like to see a few more maps for a real good sniper fest with a few run-n-gunners to stur things up a bit :-)
Kinda like the maps from COD4 MW wow many maps for a good 600m kill ! :-)
Not saying that i want the old maps to run in MW3 but somthing of the sorts :-)

One word. Quickscoping.