Sneaky Little Buggers

Where are they all located?

I went through the whole game and I didn't get this achievement so I missed some

and what lv is the best level to kill an enemy by jumping on his head?


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Jumping on an enemy's head is easier at low levels.  I did it with the skags at the start of the game.  Kill all but one, then shoot the last one until it has almost no health left then jump on it until it is dead.  Sneaky Little Buggers is a cheevo in the Knoxx DLC I think, and if I remember right 1 is in a small room in the main town, 2 are in the Prison, 1 in a locker, and 1 in a chest and the 4th is in a dumpster behind Motorhead.  I think you can find the chest one on the way to the final showdown with Knoxx too.

there is not a loot midget in t-bone junction.

t     there is One on the way to the armory in a lance chest

t      One in the dumpster at motorhead

t      One in the prison

t      And the last one is in a little bandit town (it is the area where the underdome and craw's layer is, forget the name). There are two bandit towns in the area, one is beneath the on-ramp/on the road TO moxxies underdome, and the OTHER is near that random stunt ramp that is placed before a stone arch. The loot midget is near that town (the one by the stunt ramp) He is in a chest all the way in the back behind a pumping contraption.

there IS a loot midget in t-bone junction. you have to go past scooters and where the road starts up towards marcus' shop there is a place to turn left and go down on some platforms. if you go all the way to the back there is a building and on the right side of it is a red chest and a button on the wall, if you press the button and go to the other side of the building you can open the door and he is in the fridge.  If that made no sense at all just send me a request and I'll walk you through to it.  He is the meat popsicle but he can appear in Midgetville and Lockdown Palace also