snap matic (camera on the phone)

hi  just wondering does anyone know when R* are going to be fixing snap-matic or know how to fix it as for such a little thing it is quite fustrating when you know it dosnt work and you find amazing things to snap.

please help 


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Hello, I would recommend contacting Rockstar Customer Support or posting on their forums. :)  Rockstar Online is currently under maintenance, so it may be fixed when it comes back up. :)

Is the camera full?  There's a limit on keeping so many pictures.  I had my camera full plenty of times.  In game go to that menu through the start button.  Then hit d pad to right or left.  You will see the photo menu and go delete pictures you don't want, to make room.  Then exit out, then where your standing should be ready to take pictures of what you want.

Or did you link your x box gamertag to your Rockstar Social Club account? Or open up your sharing in x box privacy settings?