Smoke kill ribbion question

Okay how do i kill someone with a smoke? Tryed to sticking someone when they where down but that didn't seam to kill them.

Sorry if this is a dumb question i just don't know the awnser ^-^


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you have to down someone twice, then stick them with a smoke

Ah okay then thanks alot! :3

Lame. explains why i cant get it by bag n tag

Why is that lame?

Cuz ive been trying to figure out that ribbon for a while now. so i literally have to be a db and down some poor dude twice and then grenade tag him the last. i feel like im gonna get hatemail lol

No, start up a private vs room. Fill it with casual bots. Down a bot, let it get up,down it again and let it get up and then tag it with a smoke grenade.

What about a headshot while they are down? Someone showed me in Gears 1 that while someone is down if you hit them in the head with a a smoke made it gets you a kill.

how do you get bag and tag ribbon? btw thanks for the heads up on the "level up fast" thread Lord Dirt.

bag and tag? I think that is where you pick up a guy as a meatshield and push up on the d-pad to stick them with a grenade and kick them into someone else. I think you need to do it with frags if I remember corretly. Your welcome for the level up fast help