Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Challenge

"Kill 10 enemies inside your smoke screen." Okay, I've killed a decent amount of enemies inside my smoke screen (I'd guess a dozen, give or take). In one Dom match in particular on Resistance, I capped B about 5 or 6 times thanks to my smoke grenade killing at least 1 enemy-in-smoke per cap & I am sitting at 0/10. 


It's not a huge issue, but the only thing I truly enjoy about cod any more is leveling & unlocking, so I'm a big fan of XP and every challenge helps. Is this a broken challenge? Has anyone else experienced this or what?


On a related note: Is there a counter to smoke I don't know about (not inc T-Scopes)? I've been killed a number of times in the middle of smoke only to watch the killcam, not see smoke in the killcam, and have the enemy shooting exactly where I was w/o randomly spraying; he wasn't a using a T-Scope & I was covered in smoke on my screen -- how'd he see me?


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smoke grenades  another unpredictable item and challenge 

i think kill cams don t show smoke -- just like mw2 did not show shattered glass in kill cams

  I posted a thread about this a while back and thought about digging it back up again.  


  I just completed my 50 smoke 'em kills just this past week and was curious how long it had been. Well,  I found the thread I started on march 30 and its taken that long trying off and on.


 It was frustrating, cuz like you, I kept getting kils that I thought should have counted but not...... and challenges are really what the game is about to me.


  As far as seeing the smoke, from what I gather if someone spawns after you deploy it, they wont see it. I had many times had some dude shoot one burst through the smoke and kill me, and in the killcam it was obvious that he saw me, and not just using uavb or sound.


   Keep in mind I havent been workingh on it constantly. I'm levelling up weapons and thermal is usually the last attachment i use. I use it from the time I unlock it until I hit 1000 kills with that weapon. I'd guess on the average 150 to 200 kills with each weapon using thermal, and whatever percentage of them I had smoke deployed ........ just guessing 10 to 20 %. I've gone through well over 10 weapons since I started trying this challenge. ........ You do the math if you like.


 There have also been questions about what counts ........... I'm still not sure on how close and what time frame. The only ones I know for sure how and when I got were on hardhat throwing smke in the long culvert and shooting into the culvert from outside.

I've given up trying this (for now) because of the frustration it causes. Maybe when I have nothing else to do I'll give it a good go.

I'm for sure completing this, along with some other hard ones, when I reach 20th.

I hope its not as hard as you say it is.  I thought the jammer challenge was hard...

  Someone meantioned doing it in drop zone which sounds like a good idea to me. I think there would still be he issue of them counting but here should be plenty of opportunity.

   A couple other things that I've heard that I cant confirm:

    Your smoke, and an assist possibly count.

    A direct impact counts even without a kill .............. unless thats possibly where the assist part comes in.

I'm not going out of my way to do the challenge. I use smoke regardless -- it's dead helpful in capping B Dom, so if I get it, I get it... I was just wondering if anyone else was having issues w/ the challenge & it sounds like yes. So, cheers!