Smithing Help Please.

I was wondering what level smithing you need to be to get your weapens to the below status?

 Flawless, Epic, and Legendary

Also do some bows for example only go to Flawless,? or can every bow go to legendary status?

sorry if this has been asked already.

Thanks for your help.




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It will take you a long time to reach your point of interest in smithing. You could do what most will do. You can go out and collect all the hides you need to bring up your leather smithing points up, same for mining, then specific mining needs. Any way you look at it, it takes you time to complete. The link you were given is the one I use, and many of us here use.

To boost your leveling, remember to have the Warrior Stone blessing and sleep before you smith.  You've pretty much gotta max-out smithing to get what you want.

Iron Daggers are easy and cheap to create. Repeatedly forging them to gain your smiting skill

Weapons and Armour without a corresponding Perk cannot be increased to Legendary under normal circumstances.

It is easy to level smithing, about 20 iron daggers with the Lady Stone will get you from 98-100.

Just don't waste ingots on improving any item you won't actually use as it doesn't get you any where the same skill increase as making new stuff.

Gather animal hides and turn them into leather.

And/or if you have the transmute spell and iron ores, make jewelry.

Also let materials accumulate. Too much leather?

Make leather armor, improve them, and sell'em.   

if you want to rank up very fast in smithing, just buy as much iron ingots as you can find and make iron daggers over and over and over and over lol