Smith won't enchant?

Right now I'm using the Velkas Rapier which is already at lvl 5.

I really want to enchant it (i think it already has Magic, since it does Magic DMG)

I already gave Rickert the Ember for enchanting which i got from the Darkroot Garden.

But it doesn't give me the option to do the upgrade. Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks a lot for all Answers


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There are two different embers you can give Rickert.  One upgrades to Magic and then the other lets you ascend to Enchanted.

It uses Twinkling. You can only change to enchant from normal upgrade paths that use standard titanite.

but i saw someone in a video who was using this rapier and had a small blue orb on the icon

It wasn't Velka's rapier then. You upgrade it by twinkling and nothing else.