Smartglass Videos: Sharing to Community

Is there an easy way to share the game clip videos saved on Smartglass app?  I've been searching and haven't really found anything regarding this

i see there are "community" videos that you can watch as well as your own from the PP Trials...I don't really see an option to "make public" or share them.

really cool since i did not know i could view my PP Trials until today on my phone.




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I believe at some point Microsoft will make this available - the "problem" with the system as it stands is that the only places to view clips is your console or the smartglass app (unless you upload it to your personal skydrive account and share the link from there).


This makes it a little awkward to share with people who don't own the console or who don't have the app - I'm sure it would be easy to send links via Xbox messages, but I think the best way to do it is to have an upload studio website where all clips can be viewed, kind of like Youtube.


I fully believe Microsoft are building something like that for a future update, they want us to be very sociable with the Xbox One. Making it easier to share the clips we've created must be fairly high on their list of feature updates!