Small Radio Towers

Those 20 foot or so radio towers randomly placed in bases and such cause me so much sadness it's ridiculous. I enjoy flying the jet and I'm pretty good at taking down enemy jets so I always have air superiority. BUT, when I'm going in hot and doing a low flyby over a base I never see those small towers and my days of being the king bird are done since the tower always wins when I hit it. If only EA could put a small red beacon on top of those towers =P


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A red light is MANDATORY by the FCC on all radio towers. Let me make a call.

I do as well. But I gotta say Ive used them to escape missiles at times. Whenever Ive been in a dogfight, my first reaction is to get low and close to objects. And has anyone here got the surprise of a lifetime yet of a jet crashing down a few feet from you?