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So as the 8 hour update was in effect, I decided to play campaign with Trevor. I bought a tank with Trevor and now I cant find it. Any help?


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Where did ya park it? in story line mode you don't "own" anything but the first car you were given. all others you have to put in your garage if you want to keep it. only 1 out of 3 times if I just park it out front of a hideout/home will it still be there.


each person gets a 4 car garage in story mode[ after a bit of play], alone with parking at your houses. and like earlier GTA;s your home garage that the door goes up automatically [ no button to push], you can jam as many car or bike in there you can make fit, and they will stay,  even though it only for 2.

Im pretty sure he knows the basics of GTA. considering that he bought a tank.. I have not purchased a tank in story mode. My only advice is to scroll down the left hand side of page list. I was playing story as well and when I  ordered a blimp it wouldnt always be on the map. When i ordered a second one it would appear. This happened several times last night.

I bought the tank and it said something about cash something I don't remember, I did check the garages though, the one you can put 4 cars in, and its not there. and I don't have Pegasus as an option to call either. well that's ok really if I cant use it, its just 3 million in campaign. all my characters have 30 million and have invested money on something, so money is not a problem anymore there with a flow of income like that.

had the big mission act up last night, would not let me use my mini gun and then mission froze, could not shoot any gun, no more cops came, just stuck there. luckily a sticky bomb would work and I killed a crew guy and got it to start over, but selected my mini gun before entering the lower garage.

The tank is at sandy sholes (airfield) cant miss it.